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FREE Bling Bucks!

Earn 100 Bling Bucks for each person who joins using your referral code. Additionally, you earn 5% of the Bling Bucks they buy. The more people you refer, the more Bling Bucks you'll earn.

Kik, email, and text your referral code to all of your friends! More ideas at the bottom of the page.


Facebook is the best place to tell people since it's easy to share things you like. If you have Facebook post a link to the site on your feed once a week. That would help a lot.

NOTE: Creating FAKE profiles will not reward you with Bling Bucks. It violates the Terms of Service and will likely lead to being banned from the site. Creating profiles for friends and family is the same as creating fake profiles. If you want them to join you will need to email them your referral link instead.

Below are suggested places to post your code.

  • Facebook Feed
  • Facebook Groups/Pages
  • Mocospace
  • MeetMe
  • Picture Rating Sites
  • Craigslist - Groups category
  • Email Your Friends
  • MySpace
  • Tagged
  • Create Blogs and Blog Comments
  • Forums & Forum Signatures
  • Chat Rooms
  • Any Online Community
  • News Article Comments
  • Create Wiki Articles
  • Social Bookmarking Sites

Members who join using your referral code receive 100 Bling Bucks! Do not create fake profiles.