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Don't get it twisted, im not a player, mack daddy, baller, shot caller, etc im just me. I am the most honest person you will ever meet. So think about how an honest answer to any question asked will truly make you feel..... Any chance of answers making you angry, depressed, upset, or any other form of being butt hurt by my honest replies most defiently shouldnt be asked... You have been put on notice... Now then, ask away...
President of the Peckerwood MC.
Kentucky chapter
I am a flirt, everyone knows that, but im single now, and can flirt, fuck, love, or hate whom i see fit! Bwahaaaa
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About Me

Mr.Sinister2015 aka~ bdockery (bdock) Super trucker by trade.

Kentucky Country boy at heart, born and raised.

Kentucky Breed

We bleed blue round here.

Looking To Meet

Everyone! Fun, flirt, chat.

Provert, ameature photographer, porn connoisseur, voyeur, open minded, private, descreet.

Favorite Activities

Football (Indinapolis Colts, Tennessee Vol)

Baseball (St. Louis Cardinals)

Nascar (Jr, Casey Cain)

UFC, MMA super fan.

Favorite Music

Matal mostly: Slipknot, Rage Against Machine, Godsmack, Volbeat

Country: FGL, LoCash, etc

Other artist: Yellawolf, Kid Rock, Nickelback, Boondock Kings, etc.

Favorite Movies

Seven, Pacific Rim, anything sci-fi, fantasy, some horror, love suspense thrillers, comedy.

Adult Fetishes as follows. Lmao nah i aint telling!

Favorite Books

Pfft.... Plz

Favorite Quotes

"Im a special kind of twisted"...

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