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by Belle

Hey lady!!


i see you are still trying to keep drama going. I have seen this comment change multiple times but chose to ignore you but your still trying to get at me. I think maybe you have the obsession with me by your behaviour and need to take a step back. This pic was taken 2 hours after the comments as you can clearly see I have changed nothing at all so you are very wrong about that. You are the one who continually changes everything you write or deletes it. You live in one strange world I must say. You can report anything you like carry on share the โ€œevidenceโ€ wherever you like. You have nothing but you going off on a rant because you assume everything is about you. As for that one spelling mistake Iโ€™m not always perfect but most of the time iam. You have many so letโ€™s not be petty about that shall we. We are meant to be adults but you are acting like a child. I made this profile because I wanted it to be this way. Why that bothers you so much I have no idea. You have no idea who iam thatโ€™s hilarious ๐Ÿ˜‚ so as you keep saying back off and leave this alone. You have dragged it out enough as it is. You are just making yourself look stupid. (Apologies to the owner of this pic for all this trash written) Have a nice day now ๐Ÿ‘

by Twunt

oh wow awesome and yeah i have a few ideas for both but when its in front of me it should be easier to get the right ideas going for a better set as far as pictures go and all


oh wow that's fantastic it should be fun also places and backgrounds and all would make it all the better too but these are ideas for now i have not done sugar skull makeup yet so it should be a fun challenge. there are so may way to do them too we will find something




lol that is true not a bad idea we shall see its cool you like that maybe we could collaborate on a skull and sugar skull themed look would be an awesome thing to do have not done one of those yet if you are interested think it would be an awesome thing to try. but also up to you or a Harley and Joker look im open to new ideas and all just for now its an idea lol just an idea


thank you been doing it for a while sfx makeup is a bit more challenging but fun too some of it can be complicated. lol people keep telling me to do one but that means i would have to loose my beard unless i can find some way to get around it. ill have to look into it


thank you so much it took some time to do lol makeup on the face took 20 minutes the rest because there was more under the vest took about 2 hours for the chest and arms


Thanks lady. ๐Ÿ˜˜


He too cute