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What mobile carrier do you have and do you like it?

I have Sprint. Even though they gave me a good plan, good phone and Hulu included...

the service Sucks

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I have Sprint also. For where I go, the service is pretty good. Having Hulu included is definitely nice.

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I have at&t wireless. It’s ok and I have a iPhone

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Sprint and good service

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I have Verizon. Service where I live is hit or miss. I do like Verizon though.

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i just moved from verizon to t mobile. service is the same for my area but i get unlimited everything, and free netflix for less than i was paying at verizon. Sprint and t mobile are still in the process of merging so it'll be even better for the service part of it. i was also told that there is a good chance that it'll lower prices even more when the merge is complete.

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I have AT&T and I really love it, I have a iPhone 8plus

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I have T mobile ...Samsung Galaxy 7, 8 and 9 and note 2... that I DO use. I love my service. I also have Xfinity tho which helps with my wireless when I'm not home IF I have any service issues. (My cable/internet has Xfinity hotspots)

I have to add in another thing about T mobile. I blew my credit through the years .. getting galaxies with Verizon, Sprint... for that zero down, locking into contracts that either the phone broke or the service was bullshit and I just. .. didn't pay. Got stuck with Metro PCS for a bit then T Mobile has this thing that if you START with them with what's NOT a Contract/plan but still are billed every month AND PAY every month for 12 months...also starting with not the greatest/newest phone (I started w BAD credit and the Note 2 with them while I think the note 4 is what was out) - After 12 months of paying on time every month, you now have credit with them. You can get the newest phone ZERO DOWN. I did that, but the galaxy 7 gold zero down and after another 12 months was moved to that T Mobile one plan. Now I have gotten both the 8 and 9 from them in a 6 month period for hardly anything at all AND I have stellar Credit w them and on a normal plan. I love T mobile.

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