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Unrequited Love Isn’t Blocking Your Recovery — This Is:

{ I'm going to skip the email portions from now on. They're meant more on a personal note to me. The main message is what's important. ?UNREQUITED LOVE ISN'T BLOCKING YOUR RECOVERY, THIS IS: If you’ve been psychologically, physically, or emotionally a...

13 Unsettling things Narcissists do when they think Nobody's Looking

I am just going to open with today's email: I am too tired and hungry to type it all out so I'm just screenshotting the email and adding the video attached to the article. Later, I'll come back and make it all as detailed as the first. THE EMAIL I RE...

Psychic "Hoovering" (How to protect yourself)

Today's article sent to me is on how to protect yourself from psychic hoovering. I want to start sharing these because I have learned so much and it's truly helped. Kim suggests sharing for anyone else who might need it and not even know. I just wish I...

50 of the craziest state driving laws

Here are 50 of the craziest state driving laws:Alabama – No driving while blindfoldedAlaska – Its illegal to tie a dog to your car roofArizona – Its against the law to drive a car in reverse on a public roadArkansas – Don’t ...


How to acquire the "BOOKS 4 LYFE" trophy

Soulless Trophy

How to acquire the "Soulless" trophy

Fuck Off Trophy

How to acquire the "Fuck Off" trophy

Cupcake Lover Trophy

How to unlock "Cupcake Lover" trophy

Weird State Laws

I'll add more as I find them. Or others can in comments. AlabamaIncestuous marriages are legal.Anal and oral sex is illegal between unmarried peopleAlaskaMoose are banned from having sex on city streets (in Fairbanks).ArizonaYou may not have more than...

Facebook (Trophy Unlock)

Instructions on how to unlock the Facebook trophy.

HOT (Trophy Unlock)

Instructions for ladies on how to unlock the HOT trophy.

Yeah, Baby Yeah (Trophy Unlock)

Post an Austin Powers quote, unlock the trophy.
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